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Build a Token Dashboard with React Hooks, Moralis API, and Bootstrap CSS


Ever since I discovered Moralis, I’ve always wanted to play around with the API to see its capabilities. If you’re interested in my work with QuickNode API, you can find it here


A Simple Ethereum Blockchain Explorer with Javascript, QuickNode, and Tailwind CSS

Below is a screenshot of our app’s final version. 

HTML Starter

To get started, we will be setting up a basic HTML file called index.html. Since we will be using Tailwind CSS, the Tailwind HTML starter template is a good starting point. We will also be using the CDN link for styles.

N.B. We will be using this since we’re just running a test setup. Using the npm installation is advised for production setups and not the CDN link.


You Do Have Something To Hide – Why You Should Worry About Your Online Privacy

In November 2020, just after the news broke out about how a popular app with almost 100 million downloads misused its users’ location data, a friend of mine publicly responded, “I see no reason why anyone should stop using the app. Other popular apps such as Facebook and Google use our data in unethical ways too. You should only be scared if you’ve got something to hide”.


About Me

Hello! ?? I’m Mahmud Adeleye. And it’s a pleasure to have you here.

Who am I?
I’m an Infovore. Software Developer. Writer. Distributed Ledger Technology Consultant.

A Quick Summary: I’m fascinated with knowledge, and I love creating awesome stuff that helps improve lives. I’m particularly interested in the FinTech Industry and love working on cool FinTech ideas ….